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Best Travel Songs

Making the best playlist for your cruise or road trip would be a real challenge due to the multitude of songs that popped up on the most prominent hit-list of the year. There's nothing more soothing on our trip then to listen to lyrics and tunes that would get us into the groove of traveling. Those who would like to find the best entertainment for their journey should consider some of the best travel songs. These besides being uber-entertaining and relaxing would also mark the various and memorable moments of this experience.

Regardless of the means you planned to reach your destination with, you can have a great fun while spending hours or days with traveling. Various bands and performers granted us with lyrics and tunes that would brighten up the boring time spent on the bus or plane. Therefore besides the basic packing list you also include in the must have essentials also a long play list of the best travel songs ever written. Your family as well as in case you travel alone it would be a real thrill to sing with the performers and enter the relaxed and fascinating atmosphere of vacations. Prepare your selection beforehand in order to have the best songs at hand when heading for a trip or journey. Choose songs that inspire you and you are overwhelmed by the rhythm as well as message. These are some of the most prominent songs to consider when creating the best travel play list of all times.


The soft tune as well as the meaningful lyrics made the top hit 'America' of the uber-successful Razorlight one of the most revealing and inspiring travel songs. The rhythm as well as the “There's nothing on the TV nothing on the radio/That means that much to me” is indeed a stimulating line to encourage us to explore both America as well as other fascinating places.

The young bands composing the song managed to offer us the opportunity to listen to relaxing and enchanting music during our road trip when music is the best company for the long hours in the car or on the bus. Let yourself be mesmerized by the 'What a drag it is/The shape I'm in/Well I go out somewhere/Then I come home again' words that would definitely drive you to the idea of leaving for a while from the boring weekdays and your dusty hometown.

Kid Rock-All Summer Long

A real travel song that would bring up the deepest memories from teen years about campfires and other past experiences. Indeed Kid Rock with his whiskey-voice managed to compose the song that led the top of summer hits for long years. Those who are fond of Rock classics and would like to listen to songs that have relaxing and more complex lyrics but are easily adaptable to our life would be glad to have Kid Rock's All Summer Long in their playlist. Look for the other hits of the artist as it would make you feel like stepping to a well-known field when it comes both of the mesmerizing tunes as well as lyrics 'Splashing through the sand bar/Talking by the campfire/It's the simple things in life, like when and where/We didn't have no internet/But man I never will forget'.

Guns'n'Roses- Paradise City

The old time legendary bands also furnished us with some of the most memorable travel songs of the decade. Paradise City by Guns'n'Roses is one of the well-known and sought-after songs when it comes of road trips as well as a classic Rock playlist.

The 'Take me down to the paradise city/Where the grass is green/And the girls are pretty/Take me home (Oh, won't you please take me home)' would perfectly mirror the attitude of travelers in order to find the best place where we feel like home.

Indeed due to the dynamic rhythm as well as rocker style harsh words both teens and adults were overwhelmed by the atmosphere this song created when listened during a trip.

Marc Cohn- Walking in Memphis

The multitude of re-makes of the timeless song prove its popularity both among the fans of classic as well as more modern travel songs. As one of the must have hits of the summer as well as the trip playlist anyone would be impressed by the lyrics as well as the rising tune that would jazz up our mood regardless of the weather as well as traveling conditions. 'Put on my blue suede shoes /And I boarded the plane /Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues /In the middle of the pouring rain'. Be your destination the country side or right Memphis the song will certainly have a miraculous impact on you and your friends.

Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys- Empire State of Mind

One of the newest and most successful songs is the uber-popular 'Empire State of Mind' by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. The rap and R'n'B sections create the perfect fusion for the a legendary song that would breathe life into millions who hit the road to see the Big Apple, or New York. 'In New York/Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,/Theres nothing you can’t do,/Now you’re in New York,
these streets will make you feel brand new,/Big lights will inspire you,/lets hear it for New York.' prepare for the mesmerizing road taken to the big city and see with your own eyes what these performers really mean by the magic of this city.

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