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Britney Spears New Video 'Hold it Against Me'

The Pop diva is back with a brand new single to win the heart of millions of fans and critics. Check out the Britney Spears New Video 'Hold it Against Me' to see the final result of a long project. The dance scenes as well as visual effects will definitely make you sigh and echo the glamor of the old time Britney on the peak of her career.

Finally the fans have the chance to watch the Britney Spears New Video 'Hold it Against Me', after weeks of preparation. We had the opportunity to watch the series of teasers that revealed only a small bit of the whole production. The song is indeed energetic and fuses different influences from the TV culture and more, even the Greek mythology. Britney decided to come out with a real masterpieces of modern music when it comes to its complexity.

With the thought of rivaling the popularity and controversial career of the Fame Monster, Lady Gaga, the young Pop diva envisioned a real epic of images that lines up a cavalcade of allegories and real life myths. Britney is back and with more energy and power than ever. Those who craved for her music will have the chance to lament on the various scenes. Undoubtedly critics will be just as mesmerized and keen to write pages-long criticism about this work of art-to-be music video..

The most controversial and fascinating scene from the music video portrays Britney fighting with herself as en ego/superego mythical battle. “You just cannot deny / there’s a spark in between us,” she reveals in the lyrics and the graphics as well as technology used to create the complicated scenes will all make up the whole scenario to a long-awaited masterwork of Britney Spears. Additionally you'll find a male dancer armada as well as Britney in her hot underwear along with futuristic designs.The Pop artist managed to channel her creativity in this production rather than to use her energy to feature on the covers of tabloids.

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